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Often fantasized, secretly hoped for and sometimes decried, love at first sight fascinates as much as it frightens. But what is really this strange phenomenon? Is it a myth or a reality? Here are 5 truths to know about love at first sight!

Love At First Sight is Scientific

Wondering what is love at first sight ?

Forget Cupid and his arrow, forget romanticism: love at first sight is actually the result of a purely chemical and molecular reaction in our brain. Love at first sight is a sort of biological response to an individual’s pheromones (and other substances like amphetamine and dopamine) that create DilMil feelings of well-being and euphoria within us . The feeling of irrepressible attraction felt during love at first sight would therefore be created purely and simply by our brain. Does it hurt your heart? Rest assured: what you are feeling is very real and it does not happen by chance either.

Love at first sight is like the meteorological phenomenon whose name it bears: unexpected and sudden. The advantage with it is that it allows us to say goodbye to the mind. No more endless reflections, knots in the brain to know if the other really pleases us, if we like him or not. With love at first sight, at least, we are sure: the other, we have it in the skin! And it must be said that he reserves many surprises this love at first sight, because with him, exit the usual codes, social conventions and other barriers that we can put ourselves. Love at first sight can happen to you with someone very different from your usual tastes.

5 Things to Know About Love At First Sight | MatchScam

Love at First Sight, Many People Believe In It and Have Already Felt It

Despite the skeptics and other dream breakers, many people strongly believe in this instant spell. According to an Ipsos poll dating from 2012. Nearly three-quarters of French people are convinced of its existence and more than half admit to having already experienced it. The proof: those who have felt it all describe it in the same way: accelerating heart rate, sweaty palms. Trembling legs, feeling hot and intense feelings of euphoria. What is a thunderbolt? Well that’s it, you’re on cloud nine. You can also feel butterflies in your stomach. Have stars in your eyes or wear a blissful smile… Love at first sight happens above all in the body. Because here, it is really the heart that speaks.

When you talk to each other, it’s perfect osmosis, as if you’ve known each other forever. You only think of your loved one. You want to DilMil.Co share everything, you can’t sleep, your appetite has been cut off and you even tell yourself that he’s the man or the woman of your life. No doubt: it is love at first sight !

Love At First Sight Can Strike Anyone

Nobody is safe from the thunderbolt. It can strike anyone. Anytime and at any age! Thinking that it only happens to others is a mistake that can be very costly: the less you are prepared for it. The more you will be overwhelmed by this storm of love that sometimes leads to making hasty. Radical and destructive choices such as giving up an opportunity. professional. Moving to the other end of the earth… Expecting it encourages more caution. A better understanding of the phenomenon and its dangers.

So wanting to protect yourself from it is quite normal… but deep down, what’s the point of fighting against what life puts in your way? If you should be struck by love at first sight. This is only the right direction of your destiny. Dive into it and let yourself be guided!

Getting ‘Blasted’ Takes Seconds

According to the study conducted by Stephanie  Ortigue, professor at Syracuse University. It would even take “ 0.2 seconds to fall in love ” and this would produce “ the same euphoric state as taking cocaine ”. A comparison that is not without foundation: as with drugs. The effect of luv at first sight has a part of rising and falling. Skeptics will tell you that it can be particularly fleeting and the fall particularly brutal. The most optimistic will tell you that all the waves are part of the vastness of the sea and that there are no “good” highs and “bad” lows: any experience is perfect, as it is. It’s up to you to choose your side!

Love Story?

If it carries its share of dangers and threats, love at first sight can also last a lifetime, or at least a very long time. Often described as ephemeral and destructive, it can nevertheless defy the statistics thanks to a work of distancing which aims to remain lucid about one’s feelings, to respect the traditional stages of the meeting (getting to know each other before throwing oneself into each other) and to try to find in the other rational qualities and to create a real complicity, based not on a spontaneous attraction (admittedly very exciting at the beginning) but on real moments of sharing, mutual respect and the discovery of common interests. Because it is these things, built together and over time, that will resist the inevitable wear and tear of passion. Love at first sight and love story , it is not incompatible, fortunately!

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What you have to understand is that love at first sight may seem out of your control, it’s true, but you still have your part to play. So love at first sight or not love at first sight, for a relationship to evolve in the direction you want, you will need a lot of luv, listening and a good dose of letting go: because there is a that you will never master, the one that depends on the other and that’s good!

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