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The online dating platform advertises with a solid offer. We did some research and found a lot of negative reviews from former customers. According to that information, the members’ pool is filled with fake profiles that are either chat bots or managed by fake operators.

Costs will originate for a subscription for a premium-membership that will extend automatically. This membership is not worth the money and seems to be a cheeky trap. The fake profiles are used to entice the user to pay for the subscription which ends in a big scam.


Details on the review offers a free registration and claims that you will find a date here in no time. On the landing page we see a selection of profile pictures. The people in the images come from Greece, Canada, Ukraine, Germany, and China but not from Australia. So, whether site is a good choice to find a date here in Down Under is questionable.

Moderated chats

Because of that we wanted to know more about the site and did some research. On the internet, this site is quite famous but not for good reasons. Many people claim that the online dating website is a cheeky rip-off with a fake chat and a subscription trap.

Right after the free registration, the virtual post box of a new member starts to fill up with messages from other profiles in no time. As we and other former customers see it, those messages come from fake profiles that are managed by fake operators.


No notes about fake profiles in the terms

Many people describe their negative experiences with this site in their reviews. All in all, the reports from former customers mention all the same things. So, even if the operator of the site does not mention a fake chat, the reports on the internet say that it is one.

People claim that the subscription is the actual rip-off. The many messages that come from fake profiles can not be opened or read. For that, a paid premium-membership is needed. This is offered in form of a subscription that will extend automatically.

Usually, an automatic renewal does not have to be bad. In this case, the online dating website does not appear trustworthy and many people even speak of a cheeky scam. Additionally, the operator of the site has got a poor reputation as well. is a global online dating platform for middle-aged singles who are looking for love and friendship. While it’s geared toward people 40+, there are a lot of younger people on the site as well. DateMyAge could be great for people who classify themselves as being part of the mature dating scene. Create a profile in minutes, search through the international network of singles, and communicate with potential matches online.



  • Live stream video chatting
  • Geared towards older, more serious singles
  • Global network of singles


  • No matching algorithm
  • Only straight dating options

How Much Does Cost? works with a credit system, and the various actions you take on the site cost you a certain number of credits. This means pricing can be a bit tricky to understand. But basically, on DateMyAge, you’ll have to pay for a lot of the actions you take.

For example, basic chat costs one credit per minute, while a two-way video chat is six credits a minute, emailing takes ten credits, and sending or viewing/receiving photos or videos costs fifteen credits.

To start out, you have the option of buying 150, 600, or 1500 credits, and the rates for these can decrease if you demonstrate loyalty as a customer over time. You might want to consider starting off with a smaller number of credits and increasing this once you get used to the site—though the more credits you purchase in one go, the cheaper they become.


What Can You Do with for Free?

While does have a free sign-up process that lets you create your profile and browse the site free of charge, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid account to get anything meaningful out of the site. For instance, you can send a single message to a few different matches, but you’ll need to purchase credits before you can see their response or reply.

This means that the free plan isn’t really useful for finding a match, and it sets DateMyAge apart from other dating sites that provide more with their free plans.


Premium Features and Upgrades on

Once you upgrade your account, there are a variety of ways to reach out to other singles in the network. Here are some of the best ones.

Instant in-page chat windows with fun emojis

Email functionality to send longer messages and add a background image of your choice

Photo-sharing and real-time video sharing from within chat windows

You can also use the Let’s Mingle feature to message numerous matches. At once, and utilize the Advanced Search function to help you find that special someone.

Another cool feature is that you can send a love interest both virtual and IRL presents—the latter of which will actually be delivered directly to their doorstep! These can be purchased via the app or website, and there are plenty to choose from, like flowers, gift cards, or even UGG boots. These range in the amount of credits required. Sending a real-life orchid will set you back 319 credits, as an example.

Best of all is the live-stream video feature—this allows you to live stream with other singles in the network. It’s like a group chat, with several singles chatting at the same time, all on live stream, making the entire experience feel a lot more authentic.


  • Business
  • Email
  • Website
  • AddressDMM Solutions Inc. 416 E. 85th St. 5A.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does differ from other dating platforms? distinguishes itself by prioritizing shared values and life experiences, enhancing the chances of building deep, meaningful relationships.

Is my personal information secure on

Absolutely. takes your privacy seriously and employs strict security measures to protect your data.

Can I join if I'm not particularly tech-savvy?

Of course! The platform is designed to be user-friendly, catering to individuals of all technological backgrounds.

What age groups can I expect to find on

While the platform is open to individuals of various age groups, it primarily focuses on connecting those who are in similar life stages.

Are there success stories from

Definitely! Many individuals have found meaningful relationships and companionship through Testimonials highlight the platform's effectiveness in fostering genuine connections.

How do I ensure my profile stands out?

To make your profile shine, be authentic and showcase your unique personality and experiences. Providing detailed information can attract like-minded matches.

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  • Like any other site. you gotta run into some bad apples before you find the one. Datemyage is a really fun way to meet new friends and maybe even find the one you can never let go. big thank you to

  • People on tend to be more interesting, more entertaining and better to talk to than on most other dating sites I’ve seen. Plus the personality tests etc are a reason to browse, even if you’re not single!

  • This amazing lady contacted me and we hit it off immediately. There really are women out there that are looking for a real relationship and, thanks to, we connected.

  • Datemyage is functionally impaired! Unfortunately I signed up for six months on a recommendation from a friend who only tested it… can’t wait for the contract to expire! I’ll give it one star for…?… sorry, can’t think of anything good about it!

  • Guys! Datemyage is really a fake website, created for the purpose of debit money from you bank account automatic renew. I have cancelled my subscription but monthly subscription amount is being debited from my account. I hate this, even though there is no service/response or no contact number I’m fed up with writing mail to them no one ever responded till now.

  • Absolutely terrible site. Joined because of a couple pf people I wanted to contact and after I joined they disappeared – bait and switch. You have to PAY for EVERYTHING!/ No explanation of how to use anything. You cannot save for or search for a specific person.

  • Most profiles are not members. Most members are not active. Leaving very limited possibilities for matches. Not given credit for days when not able to access website. Not able to sign into my account on the last day of my subscription.

  • Don’t waste your money on Datemyage. It’s set up as a scheme where they only reveal certain people the more you get involved and spend your points. It’s not open access to all profiles and you can’t just pick whomever you want to correspond with.

  • I paid for a membership and it seems most profiles are fake. You are contacted a lot but you are almost immediately asked to leave the site for Hangouts or WhatsApp. The profile says they are in the same city but they are not. Not one “person” I spoke to was in my city. Everyone ended up wanting money for a scam. Reverse search the images and they are of different people. Avoid this site at all costs as the US government sued it for fake profiles put up by criminals

  • This site is the biggest scam do not give theses people your money it’s nothing but fake profiles made by this website they down load random pics of good looking girls from the internet and make a fake profile with there pic so when u get a message u think Someone is interested in u who might be way out of your league you try to message them back and get no response or they will message u back telling u to contact them and that’s it by far the biggest scam don’t fall for it like I did they will sucker u in to singing up by making u think girls are trying to message u be cause singing up is the only way u can read them also don listen to fake reviews saying how good of a site it is cause there lieing.

  • I joined this site and initially had no issues. If you like a girl and they like you it’s a Match and the girl has to make the first move. Sounds sensible! The problem is you run out of people rather quickly so of course you delete your payment details so they won’t renew….. until they renew and take another payment. I’ve repeatedly written to their “customer service” only to be told by an automated message that their bees are very busy and will get back to me. They didn’t get back to me, closed my query and still haven’t replied to the subsequent query. I’m waiting a month now for a reply.

  • Another greedy scam site that puts fake likes up so you have to pay to match them and guess what when you do they either don’t respond or dissapear… Should be reported to trading standards for fraud.

  • What annoyed me was when I wanted to delete my account all of a sudden my password was no longer correct.. and my attempt to reset/ change met with tech issues.

  • After making an account, I have been contacted by dozens of girls. When I have replied to some of them, I realized nobody replied me back. All of those where bots.

  • DO NOT go near this site. Impossible to get out of automatic subscription even after cancellation they still take money and will not refund then will not let you delete profile as your have not cancelled subscription. But they tell you you have cancelled subscription then take money. Stay clear customer service dreadful.