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DilMil.co has over two million members worldwide who are actively looking for serious and long-term relationships. The website provides services to South Asian countries and most of the members come from India. The majority are ex-pats, with a growing population of users of different nationalities.

The app is dominated by female members, with 80% of the members coming from Dil Mil the United States. The average age distribution of members is between 24 years old to 35 years old.

Signing Up at Dil Mil

Signing up with dilmil.co is quick and easy, and it's free! The app can be downloaded in Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You need to provide your mobile number in order to register. An SMS code will be sent to your number for verification purposes. After that, you will be prompted to answer a series of questions pertaining to your dating preferences. You will also be given options to select 'tags' for your profile. These tags can determine your matches in the future.

Once everything has been accomplished, you can now use the app's free services. You can opt to upgrade to premium plans if you want to explore more special features.

Making Contact on DilMil.Co

Although messages are free in dilmil.co, users can only send and receive messages with their matches. Once matched, users can have unlimited communications and can even send photos. DilMil.co offers a limited number of likes, the app only gives 10 a day and refreshes every 24 hours.

User can set their filter criteria depending on their dating preferences. Premium users can send personalized requests and can rewind their feeds if they accidentally skipped on someone they like.  Users can change their locations to have matches from different places.

Profiles in dilmil.co are simple and straightforward. Profiles include one profile picture, age, and location. Fake profiles are a rare sight because the app has heightened security systems and approves all profile pictures before they go live. Profiles are verified via mobile numbers. Users can report and block profiles that they don't want to see or continue communicating with.

Profiles can be edited from time to time. Users can add information on their personal profiles, as well as change previously added dating preferences.

DilMil.Co App

Dil Mil is free to download in Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The app has a lively and engaging vibe that makes users feel comfortable while using it. Feature tabs are clear and easy to use, even users who are not tech-savvy can use them intuitively. Dil Mil can be used simultaneously with other applications without causing technical errors to mobile devices. However, the app can be a little surprising at times because it gives users random matches with profiles they have never even swiped on. This might be an occasional glitch in the system, but surely the app engineers are onto it.

It’s been a long time coming, but there’s finally an effective online dating site that specially caters to South Asians from all over the world. South Asians have a long tradition of arranged marriages, but in the modern world, it’s time to take matters of the heart into your own hands. With Dil Mil, you can.

The niche online dating site currently boasts over 2 million users in ethnic groups of Gujarati, Punjabi, Sindhi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Malayali, Maharashtrian, Kannada, and Rajasthani. However, it is not restricted to South Asians only. If you have always been interested in getting to know South Asians and understanding their culture, you know where to find them.

While Dil Mil comes with many useful features, most of which you can find on established online dating sites like Tinder, how does Dil Mil specifically cater to the needs of South Asians, and more importantly, how successful is it? Read on our complete Dil Mil review to find out.

Is DilMil.Co Worth It? – The Bottom Line Up Front

The South Asian Diaspora may be one of the largest in the world, and they have always been struggling between their traditional culture and values, and the liberal Western world they live in. This struggle is most prominently seen in dating, where they may be expected to find a partner compatible with their background, culture, and ethnicity. Which can be incredibly difficult in modern Western society, hence many end up accepting marriages arranged by their parents and relatives.

With Dil Mil, South Asians can take back their autonomy in dating and find love first, before marriage. For the freedom to love, Dil Mil is surely worth the try. Click the link below to try Dil Mil for free.

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Finally, here we have shared all the related details about finding the right companion on the Dil Mil portal. We suggest you not wait anymore because opportunities never know your door again and again. You can easily find out the right companion with whom you can have a long conversation without thinking about time. But make sure you are not violating. The rules and regulations because if you are troubling any person on the portal and Developers to find it out, your account will be terminated from the portal.

  • Business NameDilMil.co
  • Email IDsupport@DilMil.co
  • Websitehttps://dilmil.co/
  • Address695 5th St APT 10, San Francisco, United States,

Frequently Asked Questions

Is DilMil.co only for people seeking serious relationships?

No, DilMil.co caters to various relationship preferences, including companionship and friendship.

Can I trust the authenticity of profiles on DilMil.co?

Absolutely, DilMil.co employs rigorous verification processes to ensure genuine profiles.

Is DilMil.co limited to specific cultural backgrounds?

Not at all, DilMil.co embraces cultural diversity and welcomes individuals from all backgrounds.

Are there subscription plans on DilMil.co?

Yes, DilMil.co offers subscription options with enhanced features for a more personalized experience.

How does DilMil.co ensure user safety?

DilMil.co prioritizes user safety through profile verification and reporting mechanisms.

Can I use DilMil.co outside of the United States?

Certainly, DilMil.co's reach extends globally, connecting hearts across borders.

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  • Dil Mil app UX/UI needs a lot more fine tuning. Pictures get stuck in between, my likes go missing when I check in “Profiles you’ve liked” section, lot of advertisement about the paid version & most features are locked up under that now. So pretty much nothing else to do except for swiping until you get a match. Sometimes I don’t even get the 10 likes per day, expires before that. From what I gather, the algorithm isn’t doing much to connect people who I’ve liked & vice versa, so very rarely I get a match.

  • Absolutely manipulative and predatory. “Free” trial is not free and immediately charges you, in my case over $100. There is no warning that the payment will be taken, nor is there an actual trial period. Reach out to their “support” and be stone-walled and directed to Google Play support because supposedly the app developers can’t refund any charges. Google Play support will immediately deny the refund because they don’t refund in-app purchases. Read other reviews and see that this is a common occurence. I won’t even get into how terrible the app truly is, others have made it clear. This has to be the single worst experience I have ever had buying/using an app on the Google Play store and it has led me to removing my credit card information from Google altogether.

  • Full of bugs, the most useless application I have ever used on Google Play store. And the prices for the subscription are higher than any other dating app. I got charged 130$ for a 6 months subscription which was supposed to be my trial period, so technically no money should have been charged. Contacting the customer support didn’t help, because they direct you to google play store help section, where they refuse to refund my money. The application itself is not worth a single dollar to spend on

  • Worst app totally. No matches, half of the accounts looks spam and moreover if you take a subscription, your money is totally wasted. They simply won’t refund the money after canceling the subscription immediately and try to ask Google playstore for refund and in return playstore will ask you to get refund from dil mil. The loop goes on and on and customer will simply lost $70-80 for no reason. One of the worst customer service as if they don’t care about the customers at all. Avoid the app.

  • I selected what I thought was a free trial and was immediately charge $100 dollars before the free trial even ended and I cancelled the purchase immediately when I noticed ( within 10 minutes of using the app ( within 24 hours) ) which under their own policy would count for a refund. They say I can’t get a refund and to contact google knowing that full well that they won’t give me a refund.

  • I won’t be renewing my subscription. Most of the women on there can never be bothered to text you even though they swiped right. Waste of money.

  • So I was using the free site and I noticed I had a bunch of likes and the site pressured me to sign up to see all these people who’ve liked me. I signed up and started messaging some of the people back. Literally all the people I messaged said they’ve never even seen my profile yet alone liked it. Some people were not even from the same country who had no idea who I was when I had the radius to people close. Basically here to save you trouble. This site is a scam, you’re not likely to find someone here. Even if you pay, beware and run!

  • It is a fraud! They steal your money and put fake profiles in your email to make you think women want you but it’s all a lead to nothing! They make icky people think fake beautiful women want them in order to keep them paying for their lying website.

  • Not happy. Tried to set up account but seems very buggy and wouldn’t allow me to upload a photo and just kept going back to enter the code they send you via text even though it’s already been added. Deleting it now as a waste of time.

  • Too many people contacted me that live hours or states away despite the 30 mile radius I set. Their customer service is poor. No one called or emailed back when I expressed my concerns. They’ll take your money up front fro 3 months with no refunds possible, even after you are given a poor quality service. Don’t do it!

  • If there is even the smallest smudge on your past record – no matter how long ago – the site will alert anyone you message and warn them against you… without you knowing what is going on. They take your money and then make it impossible to make any connections.

  • I have belonged for two out of the six months I paid for, contacted a number of profiles by the site’s email system, and have only gotten three responses. The site says I have a lot of matches–162–but few are within the 50-mile radius I designated. Most are from out-of-state even though my other preferences are not overly restrictive. I have no interest in continuing any longer but refunds are not given. Thus, it’s a rip off.

  • Don’t waste your money! Terrible customer service or should I say impossible to reach customer service. This site is a scam. I probably get 8 scam messages a day. Same message with different photos. Most popular scam is “my friend saw you on this site. She’s in the military. She wants your email and phone #.” I’ve tried to contact customer service but have never been able to get anyone.

  • Worst scam dating site I’ve been on. You pay in coins for each message to reply to all the beautiful young women who message you but will never chat offsite.