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At first glance, LovingFeel.com looks like a good choice. After a short while we got suspicious and did some research. We found a lot of negative reviews about this site online. He has a reputation for brazen fraud. Former users were not happy and explained their experience.

It all starts with a deceptive ad on the landing page that encourages visitors to sign up. The fake chat operators will then contact new members through fictitious profiles. "Credits" are charged for replying to messages. The website is operated by LovingFeel, a company based in Limassol, Cyprus. This is a hot spot for scammers.


Details in the LovingFeel.com review

LovingFeel.com makes a great first impression. The landing page of the dating portal looks modern and has a good overview. We read about free registration and see more information about the offer. Here you will find a young and open-minded community based in Australia. We also see some profile pictures on the landing page. They all show female users. Therefore, we assume that men will have a high chance of finding a date. At least, that's our impression. The registration process is simple and takes a few minutes.


This site is for entertainment purposes only

LovingFeel.com knows how to trick people. The online dating site has a modern design and advertises some great things. But, according to online reviews, the ad is based on false and misleading information. Registration is free, but after that you will be charged for the credits. Credits are required to send messages. Well, that means subscription trap theft isn't the case here. But this does not mean that this portal is a good choice. This is a fake chat scam. Thus, the profiles of the site show fictitious persons.

In the terms, we found no comments about moderation, fake profiles or fake operators. But we focused on the actual purpose of the website. It's just for "fun". It doesn't sound too suspicious, but it's a common synonym for fake chat. As we can see, this portal uses moderated fake profiles to entertain users. But the user is not looking for entertainment. The goal of the participants is to find a match for a real date. However, this is not the operator's aim and purpose.


More and more people are no longer afraid of dating sites and are looking for their happiness online. The site LovingFeel, one of the most popular Asian dating services for finding a soulmate on the Internet, also contributed to such an influx of people into the network. This is a serious website that helps people find a partner for an online relationship.

It is already a myth that most people come to dating sites to find a partner for the evening or to go online in desperation, and LovingFeel with its large database proves it. Different intentions make girls and boys register on this site. Friendship, flirting, love, marriage - everyone has their own purpose to be on LovingFeel. Men who sign up on LovingFeel want to find a beautiful and intelligent Asian woman who will be happy to spend time with them. Asian brides, in turn, expect to meet men who can expand their boundaries and show them the world around them. Some of them are ready to start a family, while others are looking for a romantic adventure.

Registration and login - LovingFeel.com

Signing up on LovingFeel is absolutely free. To register, you need to provide the site with basic data, namely: your name, valid email address and password. Then you need to confirm the registration by clicking on the link that came to you in the mail. That's it, now just log in to your sunken entry and start using the service.

It is very important to register using a valid email because administrators can receive important information through this email. For example, you might get news about the launch of new dating services or a large influx of new female members.

After this short step, you need to answer a few important questions. This may be the purpose of your visit to the site: a long-term serious relationship, the desire to find a partner for one evening, the search for a companion or just conversation partners. This is one of the most important points, as other users will pay attention to it when visiting your profile. Some users register just for fun, while others may be looking for marriage and a serious relationship. The description of the profiles will simplify the search for the ideal partner, because in it you will see all the information.

It is also very important to upload your photo to your main profile and add more photos to a special album to make it easier for Asian girls to get to know you better.


Usage and Interface - LovingFeel.com

The obvious advantage of LovingFeel is that all users know what they are doing here. There is no need to explain why you are registering on the site and what format of relationship you are interested in. That is why it is very easy to communicate here - no one will ask you inappropriate questions and will not be prejudiced against you.

In addition to the fact that there is no possibility of misunderstandings between users, you will not face technical problems: the site's interface is intuitive. In fact, it is very difficult not to cope with the navigation of the platform, since the interface is designed in such a way that the main colors of the site do not tire the eyes, and important blocks of information and buttons contrast with the backlight.



Here we have reached the end of the Lovingfeel.com review, and now we are sure that you are aware of the best portal. Without wasting a second, perform the login now and avail all the benefits.

  • Business NameLovingFeel.com
  • Email IDsupport@LovingFeel.com
  • Websitehttps://LovingFeel.com
  • Address701 N Green Valley Pkwy STE 200, Henderson, NV 89074-6178

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up on LovingFeel.com?

Signing up on LovingFeel.com is simple and free. Head to the website, click on the "Sign Up" button, and follow the prompts to create your account.

Is my personal information secure on LovingFeel.com?

Absolutely. LovingFeel.com employs advanced security measures to protect your personal information, ensuring a safe and secure dating experience.

Can I find long-term relationships on LovingFeel.com?

Yes, LovingFeel.com caters to individuals seeking various types of relationships, including long-term commitments. The platform's compatibility algorithms enhance your chances of finding a compatible partner.

How can I initiate a conversation with someone I'm interested in?

Sending a message is the perfect icebreaker. Craft a thoughtful and engaging message that shows genuine interest in their profile and sparks meaningful conversation.

Are there success stories of couples who met on LovingFeel.com?

Certainly! LovingFeel.com boasts numerous success stories of couples who found love and happiness on the platform. These stories showcase the platform's effectiveness in facilitating genuine connections.

What should I do if I encounter suspicious profiles or behavior?

LovingFeel.com encourages users to report any suspicious activity or profiles immediately. The platform takes user safety seriously and investigates reported cases promptly.

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  • Easy, quick and simple to use.I tried to find the perfect match for me on many sites but the reason why I like the most is that takes me less then 5 minutes from sign up to great chat with beautiful girl.

  • It seems like the website has hundreds of woman but I’ve found out most of them are not real of the website. So be aware that anytime you may have to pay to communicate with fake women. It is not a trustful dating site at all. I want to share this with other people so they do not lose their money in the scam site. You will 100 % lose your money with fake women once you’ve joined the website. Remember they are not real. You are communicating and correspondent with fake women. Their staffs are replying all the letters from their male members in their office. They are all good story makers. Also their employees does the all chatting with male members in their office. Male members may think they are chatting with real girls but it is not true at all. The most of girls of the website are not real. If any, they almost can’t speak English. So they can not do chatting with male members in English so fluently because their English is very limited. Finally they won’t give you any girl’s contact details after all. They say they would but it is also not true at all. It means you never meet any girls in person through the website even if you’ve already spent some money to do that. I understand quite a few people has already taken in the scam dating site but I can’t believe this cheating site is still going on. How many more people has to be taken in further on this scam site ?

  • More like a money making game than a dating site! If you don’t subscribe you cannot contact anyone which is fair enough other than you can view profiles and send smiley faces!! You are expected to buy coins to see if people have read any messages you send?? Think the fact they haven’t replied tells you they either haven’t or aren’t interested. Not a great site although there are some great people on there it isn’t run for the purposes of finding a match it’s just for financial gain! Avoid and go to your local pub instead, cheaper and more human.

  • Stay away from this piece of crap to meny fake profile and the women are a joke fuc# this app a waste of money

  • I registered this site several months ago, and spent hundreds to experience the services. All takes money to communicate with the ladies, very expensive to build connections. Take the Camshare service for example, I purchase A$142 to buy 160 credits. Do you know??? 160 credits ran out in less than 15 minute!!!

  • Beyond awful! Nothing elite about any aspect… Website, app or service! Impossible to cancel subscription or contact customer services

  • This site is horrible and people are so vulnerable to begin with – they’re looking for a partner, not scam artists and that’s what LovingFeel.com are!

  • I met a nice lady whom is wonderful and we get along great. We plan on spending are life together. Traveling around the country and fishing along with going to old car shows.

  • Very good experience for dating site. I would use it again.Hope everyone has the same experience. I wish everyone luck in their search. Everyone was nice and pleasant to talk to. Not like other sites where all they are looking for one thing.

  • I met this amazing woman. We are a perfect fit and been together for the last 5 months. Love every day spending with her.

  • It is an wonderful website and really loved the idea. I’m happy to visit such sites and make my time worth it.

  • It’s a small world they say but believe me when I say you haven’t seen nothing yet. Just create a profile and get ready for a whole new experience.

  • I met a lovely babe . And we had a very hot and romantic love. Making on our first date. I can never forget that day. The lovely babe is currently the mother of my baby .

  • It was recommended to me as a dating site that should meet my needs, & it did. I met my partner on this site after having the opportunity to meet quite a few guys.

  • Waste of money, time and effort. They will decide for you and manipulate your profile thinking women are viewing you when they are not.