On the pages of our blog, we have repeatedly touch International Dating Site upon the importance of choosing photos for a profile on a site for serious dating with foreigners. Today we would like to tell you more about choosing the main photo of your profile / presentation on an international dating site: why should you pay special attention to choosing the main photo?

Differences Between Virtual and Real Dating

In dating at a distance, through a dating site, there are somewhat different “rules” and “patterns” than in dating in a real setting: due to a combination of life circumstances, when a man and a woman meet for the first time and see each other in real life, in everyday conditions. For example:

  • Meeting in a real setting, a man and a woman in order to understand each other, express sympathy, a glance or a smile may be enough. Silence for lovers can be pleasant and meaningful. However, when meeting a foreigner on a dating site, one cannot do without words! You need to be ready to correspond, talk on the phone, because silence in this situation is interpreted as a lack of interest in continuing communication.


Virtual Dating

  • Getting acquainted in a real situation, we can perceive the image of a person as a whole: appearance, speech, demeanor and communication. Getting acquainted at a distance, and not being able to observe a person in “real time”, to see his behavior, reaction, manner of behaving, we perceive his image in parts: we establish a relationship between photographs and letters. We ourselves connect, and sometimes supplement the disparate parts of a single whole. For example, we endow the man we like with the qualities that we would com review like him to possess. In this process, hopes, dreams and desires are often involved. It happens that we ourselves invent, create a full-fledged / desired image that has nothing to do with a real man.

This is only a small part of the differences between real and virtual dating. We mentioned them in order to make you understand that there are differences and they should be treated with attention. We recommend understanding the essence of the differences between virtual and real dating in order to use them to achieve your goal – dating a worthy man.

What is the role and importance of the main photo of the questionnaire?

Let’s return to the topic of interest to us today, namely the meaning of the main photo of the profile. Online dating is dating based primarily on visual impressions. On a dating site, we look through the profiles of applicants and make our choice based on the information that we can read in the questionnaire. If we consider this process in more detail, then the first impression that affects the interest and willingness to open the questionnaire in order to get acquainted with the information indicated in it is the main photo of the questionnaire. The photo that is displayed in the catalog of profiles on an international dating site.

How do men make their choice on a dating site? 

“Men love with their eyes.” It doesn’t matter if we are talking about a foreign or Slavic gentleman, a man’s sympathy is primarily visual. Simply put, on a dating site, a man will want to meet a woman who he likes in a photo. In this context, the main photo of the profile / presentation on the international dating site YourLoveMeet plays a very important role, because this is the first visual impression of a man about a woman, this is literally the first thing he sees:

  • In search results / in the catalog of female profiles on an international dating site.
  • Having received a message from a woman, a man, first of all, will see a thumbnail of the main photo of her profile.
  • Having received “Sympathy” (on the international dating site fernliebe you can express interest in meeting a man by clicking on “Heart” in his profile, thereby expressing his sympathy to him), the man will first of all pay attention to the main photo of the profile.

International Dating Site

If the photo attracted the attention of a man, interested him, he will open the woman’s profile and get acquainted with the information indicated by her, view additional photos of the profile.

Of course, dating and relationships with a foreigner are complex areas of interpersonal communication. They cannot be limited to only beautiful photographs. In the end, photographs do not reflect the personal qualities of a person, the depth and fullness of his inner world. However, we would like to remind you of a simple truth: the character of a woman, her sincerity, warmth, the beauty of her inner world, a man can only recognize and feel when he starts getting to know her. And a man wants to start an acquaintance, write the first message to the woman he liked, attracted him outwardly.

How to choose the main photo of the profile? – International Dating Site

Each man is individual and it is simply impossible to say with accuracy. What this or that foreign gentleman will pay attention to. Which photo will arouse his interest. However, experience in the field of international dating help us formulate some tips for choosing. The main photo of the profile.

  • The main photo of the profile should stand out. Be remember and even “stretch” in the search results / in the catalog of women’s profiles. After all, her task is to attract the attention of a man!
  • The main requirement for the main photo: you must be clearly visible! Facial features, eyes, smile should be clearly visible. A man should not look closely, trying to understand who owns the profile. Questionnaires, in the photographs of which the woman is hardly visible. Do not attract attention, and, as a result, are “lost” in the search results.
  • The questionnaire, in the main photo of which the woman is smiling, is more conducive to acquaintance. Than the presentation, in the photograph of which the woman has a serious expression on her face. This is because, on a subconscious level. A serious facial expression “tells” a man that he is more likely to be reject. In such delicate situations. As the desire to get acquaint. The manifestation of sympathy, many wish to avoid the obvious, in their opinion, the likelihood of being reject.
  • The best photo is a portrait.
  • Moderate makeup that emphasizes natural beauty.
  • Not all full-length photos are suitable for the role of the main photo of the questionnaire. When choosing a full-length photo, make sure that it is take. At an acceptable distance and allows a man to see your face without looking closely.
  • Professional shots will do, but they look natural, not glossy fashion magazine photos.

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The following are not suitable as the main photo of the profile: International Dating Site

  • Photos taken at a great distance, that is, all those pictures in. Which the face is not visible and the woman herself turns into a silhouette or merges with the background.
  • Black and white photographs.
  • Fuzzy shots, poor quality shots, dark or overexposed shots. All shots in which it is difficult to make out facial features at a glance.
  • Photos in sunglasses.
  • Pictures where facial features are hide. For example, selfies in which part of the face is hide by a smartphone.
  • Photos showing only half of the face. For example, profile photos.
  • Photographs of several people.

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