What Should Women Worry About Before Sex? 2022

A few years ago I met a girl who had everything I could expect. Women Worry I have high expectations, so she graduated from good studies and had an ambitious job. She dressed chic and liked dresses, and since she had perfectly shapely legs, I liked it a lot. At weekends, she went on bicycle trips with her friends, and in her free time she read.

You might think she was perfect. This was also confirmed by our next meeting. First, we made fun of the style in which “50 Shades of Gray” was written, and then we exchanged half a dozen sincere compliments. It lasted for half an hour. Unfortunately, the next hour and a half passed when she said that her breasts were too small and that her goal was to save money for their enlargement. DilMil.co In response to this, I said that it was not true, and she, deaf to my arguments, gave the addresses of the clinics with the best opinions.

It was such a surreal experience that Salvador Dali would have been overjoyed. But it convinced me that you can be Venus de Milo (but you know, with arms. Arms are cool), and it might not be enough for you anyway. Especially if you are a woman, because you worry about your appearance more often.

Men are taught to derive their well-being from achievement. Women still feel that their value comes from the way they look. According to them, attractiveness is basically the same as hairstyle + makeup + appropriate weight. Women end up dating someone, and when it comes to sex, they don’t think, “Wow, that’s great!” They are paralyzed by the question of whether they look good, as if the Intimissimi underwear on them depended on whether they would be laughed at or rejected.

Nothing I dislike as much as lopsided and harmful beliefs, so let’s clear up a few things.

1. We don’t live solely in the audiovisual world

It is true that the media are absolutely dominated by video and the spoken word. Dating applications are based on the criterion of appearance, which also affects politics (remember how recently Andrzej Saramonowicz postulated recently that he should vote for a prettier one?). If you want to change your life, the first piece of advice you will hear is that you might want to start going to the gym or changing your hairdresser. Whether you are twenty, forty or fifty, you take steps to slow down your aging process, and at some point birthdays are not a reason to celebrate.

Looking at it, it’s easy to believe that what kind of person you will be and what you will have is 90% dependent on what you look like. The good news is this is just an illusion. People are definitely more multidimensional. They can admire beauty (after all, humanity has always done it), but they also appreciate character traits that are unique and thrilling. Many times I liked women outside the strict canon DilMil of attractiveness, just because they were hellishly intelligent, intriguing or self-confident. I know I am no exception.

What Should Women Worry About Before Sex?
What Should Women Worry About Before Sex?

2. Men see attraction differently

In the past, an experiment was conducted in which a group of men and a group of women were to mark the most attractive female figures. It is surprising that both groups chose completely different types. According to women, the ideal was much more exorbitant. They regularly indicated that the ideal weight was lower than what they had themselves. In addition, the ideal weight, according to them, did not suit the taste of men who preferred that women should not be so emaciated.

The conclusion is – guys expect less from women than they expect from themselves. This is evident in every meeting in which several couples take part. It is enough for a woman to say that she wants to get false eyelashes, and guys will ask: “But what for? It’s okay now. ” What is more attractive for women, for a large part of men it is already disfiguring.

This means that if you end up in the bedroom, you are attractive enough for him. Period a. Do you really want to convince him with your doubts that he has poor taste?

3. Nobody is perfect – Women Worry

You probably have a fold here, and a birthmark there. Or one breast larger than the other. Or so many moles that you could draw star constellations on you. Only it means more or less that you are human. It’s great that we want to be better and closer to perfection, but you always have to remember that “imperfect” does not mean “worthless”. This is first. Secondly, men aren’t perfect either, and they also get stressed out before sex.

4. Little depends on sex, especially the first one – Women Worry

First sex is like Christmas. You get ready for them from the beginning of November, you look at Christmas trees, put yourself in a festive mood, and at the climax, sweat your brow and buy gifts and prepare a dozen or so sophisticated dishes. Then the holidays come and you are so tired that you don’t even enjoy it, and afterwards you ask, “So what? This is the end?”.

Sex is very much the same. This is just a small and natural part of getting to know each other. It does not only depend on saving the world, but even further developing acquaintance. I don’t know a guy who really liked a girl, and because of the sex that wasn’t perfect, he deleted her phone number. It just doesn’t happen because people need to get to know each other, understand and get to know each other better. However, if someone after sex acts as if he has been kidnapped by the Mexican drug cartel, it is only because he was not interested in anything else from the beginning. Enjoy that it saves you time.

5. Worrying hasn’t helped anyone yet – Women Worry

At “Spy’s Bridge,” lawyer James Donovan is to carry out a spy swap. For the Soviets to return the captured American pilot, the Americans must hand over the Soviet agent Rudolf Abel. For the latter, this means a return to the USSR and an almost automatic death penalty. Despite this, he remains exceptionally cheerful. Donovan finally asks him,
“You don’t worry about that at all ?!”
– Will it help? Abel replies.

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This is one of those behaviors that should be transplant into your everyday life. If you have no control over something, worrying can only hurt you. Do you know why? Because most often we worry about things that will not happen, and worrying will only take away our happiness.

However, if you absolutely want to worry about something. Before you hit someone in the bedroom, worry if you are dating a mature guy. One who knows what he wants, understands. That everyone is human and is aware that only the worst prick can use such an intimate. Situation to undermine someone’s self-esteem.

Once you do that, you won’t have to worry about anything, because the worst that can happen to you is no orgasm.

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