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They irritate you Top 10 Female Flaws and you would pay a lot to erase them, yet it is often your little flaws that make you charming. Better: they could turn out to be serious assets of seduction. Overview of girl flaws that men love.


Contrary to what one might imagine, women addicted to drastic diets and who prefer a salad to a good pizza, men don’t like it very much. They prefer, by far, the little gourmets to those who YourLatinMates count their calories all day long. Eating is a pleasure of life that is shared with loved ones. Go ladies, let go!

The Small Curves

Who says gluttony often says small curves. Do not panic ladies, men love it! Because if they remain speechless in front of the perfect bodies of the magazines, in real life, they prefer to live alongside a woman with curves (and good in her skin) rather than with an ironing board: it is much more pleasant to the touch.

Top 10 Female Flaws That Men Love | Match ScamsThe “little” Girls – Top 10 Female Flaws

You are complexed by your size and would have dreamed of being taller! You are wrong: know that many men admit to being more attracted to women of small or average size. Very often, they prefer to be taller than their girlfriends. A little macho side?

Teeth of Happiness

Just look at Vanessa Paradis, who makes all men crack with her childish little pout and her famous happy teeth. If that didn’t stop him from melting Johnny Depp, it’s because there’s no reason to complex if you have any. Quite the contrary!

Freckles – Top 10 Female Flaws

Do you have freckles and use a thousand and one make-up tricks to conceal them? You should not ! Because many men find it really cute!

Curly Hair

So stop abusing your curly or wavy mane by wanting to straighten your YourLatinMates.Com hair at all costs. Because no, men do not prefer straight hair. At least not all of them. Many admit to falling in front of a beautiful curly/wavy mane: it gives a very sexy “wild” side.

Small Breasts – Top 10 Female Flaws

Are you complexed by your small breasts? Well, you shouldn’t. Because many surveys prove it: men love small breasts, those they have no trouble holding in the palms of their hands during cuddly moments .

A Physical Detail

The ears a little protruding, a scar: certain small physical imperfections , far from serving you, will probably help you to earn points with men. Why ? Because they make you unique, and set you apart from other girls.

Jealousy – Top 10 Female Flaws

If jealousy, when it is excessive, is a bad fault, it can also be a real asset when it is moderate. A touch of jealousy , expressed with tenderness, will not only reassure your darling about your feelings for him, but also make him melt with love by feeling so vulnerable to the idea of ​​losing him.

The Fear of Everything

Yes, men love cowards. Those who are afraid of the dark, who jump at the slightest noise, who snuggle up against them at the slightest scene of violence in the cinema. Why ? Because they love to play protective big arms.

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The Little Quirks – Top 10 Female Flaws

As a child, you were deprived of dessert or TV when you rolled on the floor to have the latest Barbie or the doll of your dreams. But today, ladies, good news: honey won’t punish you or deprive you of “dessert” if you don’t let go. Why ? Because he will find it sexy (as long as it’s reasonable of course). It’s well known: men like ch….

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